About Us

Living the Dream

9-Mile Farms is a new business to Spokane. Our vision is to have a diversified farm growing many different crops for the community. We’re locally based and our goal is to sell locally to individuals, restaurants, local grocery stores and local distributors. Ultimately we plan to have an on-site farm store in a prominent location with easy access for the community. We’ve started the first phase of our farm which is growing microgreens. We currently offer 6 types of microgreens (3 individual items and 3 specialty mixes) with the plan to increase up to 20 different varieties by the beginning of 2021. The second phase of growing our farm is to add gourmet mushrooms which should also start in March 2021 and the 3rd phase is growing salad greens/baby greens starting in spring of 2021. Additionally, we hope to be able to plant a poly-culture (more than one item) orchard come October if finances permit.